Beneficial Electrification | 4-Stage Process


Want to learn more about Beneficial Electrification? Here are two ways!

1. Contact Us to set up a phone call. We’ll be glad to explain the Beneficial Electrification concept and strategies for co-ops. It’s free and it’s informal.

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A Beneficial Electrification Assessment can help you discover how much opportunity you have in your service territory to implement beneficial electrification measures and programs. Collaborative Efficiency has developed a practical and affordable methodology that uses data you have easy access to and the best data we can find to provide you with an assessment designed to help your management and board decide whether to pursue and how to pursue beneficial electrification. Learn more about how a beneficial assessment works and how it can help you and your members!



New programs can be a drain on your time and budget. How can you make progress with only modest investments of resources? How can you deliver the greatest value to your members? It doesn’t have to cost a lot to begin making real progress. We can help you come up with a solid plan whether you’ve decided to do further investigation, or to run a small pilot, or to build an ambitious program.


We have seen what has worked and what hasn’t for co-ops in other regions across the country, and we can help you develop a pilot project that will point toward success. It may include one or more of the following elements:

  • Member financing

  • Program marketing

  • Launch management

  • Contractor and auditor recruitment, training and relations

  • Implementation and tracking tools

  • Impact Analysis, including EM&V



With a solid strategy in place, we can help lead you through pilot program launch and beyond.


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