Beneficial Electrification

As a member-owned electrical co-op, you face growing pressure from outside and within.

How do you stay competitive in the face of slower growth demand, rising costs, and challenges from the propane industry?

How do you meet your members’ desire for energy services and efficiency measures?

Beneficial Electrification is the answer.


The process of switching from another fuel source to electricity in order to benefit the energy user, the co-op/utility, and the environment is referred to as beneficial electrification.

Specifically, beneficial electrification:

  • Benefits the energy user by reducing overall energy costs

  • Benefits the co-op/utility by increasing electricity sales and supporting the costs of the distribution system

  • Benefits the environment by reducing fossil fuel and carbon emissions


Collaborative Efficiency helps electric cooperatives and municipal utilities explore and implement two key beneficial electrification strategies:

  • Promoting efficient heat pumps for space heating

  • Building the market for electric vehicles


Collaborative Efficiency helps electric cooperatives:

  • Assess beneficial electrification opportunities, decide whether to dig deeper

  • Conduct additional research and develop a beneficial electrification strategy

  • Plan a beneficial electrification pilot

  • Evaluate pilot, refine approach

  • Launch a beneficial electrification program


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