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Is Your Ductwork Delivering: More Information
August, 2016

Are you looking for more information on how to test and seal your ductwork? Contacting your co-op is a great place to start – they may have an energy auditor on staff or can point you in the direction of some useful resources for your local area. Here are some of the online resources we found useful while writing this article:

  • report from the U.S. EPA on whether you should clean your air ducts

  • An article from Energy Vanguard on the different ways of testing your ducts

  • Guidance from ENERGY STAR on how to seal your ducts

  • Tips from the U.S. DOE on sealing your ducts

  • A more technical article from Home Energy Magazine on sealing your ducts, as well as other resources

  • Allergies and Anxiety: The connection between anxiety and your HVAC System

Mastic can be used to seal small gaps and leaks in your ductwork. Photo Credit: Weatherization Assistance Program