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Is your home as energy efficient as it could be? Are there ways you could be using less energy and saving more money? Collaborative Efficiency writes columns for consumers on different energy efficiency topics, found in state electric cooperative publications.

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Is your co-op a good candidate for a Beneficial Electrification project? What are the steps to find out? Learn More in a short, 17-minute no-cost/no-obligation webinar. Pat Keegan will share experiences of co-ops across the country that have served their members, grown their capacity and improved the environment through Beneficial Electrification programs, without overwhelming their staff or their budgets. Find out if Beneficial Electrification is the best next step for your co-op!


Collaborative Efficiency staff have written articles on a variety of energy efficiency topics including

Clean Energy Financing, Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, Smart Buildings and Energy Usage Monitoring Technologies, and Energy Efficiency Program Design
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